Brainstorming ideas for project Float

inspired by the work of Phillippe Halsman

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  1. Project Title?
    • Float: A Celebration of the Arts
    • ?
  2. High Shutter speed / Fast ISO / Large vs. small aperture
    • good for teaching camera basics
    • ?
  3. Catching someone OR something in mid-air
    • ? It can be anything in mid air- a person, a cat (hey, Halsman and Dali did it...) a chair...
    • ?
  4. Capture a sense of magic or surrealism
    • ?Although its probably a gross mis-use of the term- Halsman's work reminds me of the sort of 'magic realism' that Wyeth was famous for - something that is not really 'surreal', but suggests something more than the every day.
    • ?
  5. Photoshop, Aperture, iPhoto is okay for basic image editing
    • beginning students could focus on the basic tech/aesthics | advanced could work to push the difference between a 'photograph' & 'digital image'
    • ?What does the second part mean?
      • if students are editing images, when does it get to a point where it is no longer a photograph? Invite kids to push the limit.
      • That's what I thought. Not sure that this is a hill I'll die on, but I think I'd prefer no photoshop. I think there is something that is magical about getting something amazing without photoshop - and more challenging, in a way.
  6. DSLR is needed
    • Maybe can be done with mid-range point and shoots that have manual settings
    • ?Do many P&S cameras have that ability? I know the powershots we have at school do, but I was under the impression that its rare. We could also, of course, include non-digital images, scanned in.
      • It seems common with the non-pocket sized ones
      • Should we include a Camera Bag section to the project (list possible equipment)?
      • Sure! Love it.
  7. Launch quickly after school and tie into the Arts in Education week (Sept. 13-17)
    • ?Just as a reminder- I'm NOT teaching photo this year- but will hopefully convince my colleagues to participate. Still happy to help coordinate this though. However, our school starts... in two weeks! So we might get an earlier start on this....
      • No problemo. Lets maybe do a second project this year with stop motion/pixalation (I interested in the secret life of chairs)
      • Interesting!!! You'll have to let me know more about that.
    • ?
  8. Open invitation for all willing schools
    • utilize the ADE Creative network on Facebook
    • ? Art Ed 20
    • Getty Art Educaiton mailing list
    • This will plug right into what we have brewing for something new in iTunes U
  9. Set it up in CBL format?
    • Example
    • What is the significance of the project?
      • ?
    • What will the Solution look like?
      • Book #2 where schools submit 4 pages (pdf) of their best work and we assemble the pages?
      • ?Great idea- but I think we should come up with some template pages so that there is some consistency (maybe Indesign)?
    • What would the Essential Question be?
    • What type of activities could be involved?
    • How can this be tied to the student's local, regional, or global communities?
  10. Are we going to approach Davis Publications?
    • Or self-publish on Blurb and iTunes?
    • ?Unhappy with the final result in blurb - the missing photo was in one of the final drafts and then disappeared - also it appears on the digital version. The final price may have also been cost prohibititave. I'd like to approach Davis. As a backup, I'd like to think about publishing them in china and shipping them over. Would probably be cheaper in the long run, but we'd need to think about where to get funding for the initial investment.
    • There is also something cool brewing with the ADE program, iTunes U, and a CBL community (shhhh). Maybe something that can be bought as a digital text and printed if desired. iTunes does distribute video and pdf.
    • I need to get back on the ALI website- i've been shirking my ADE responsibilities. Not sure if that's something that I'm supposed to know about, or maybe it was just mentioned at the summer institute?
      • Ali is closing really soon. They want us to use the ADE community and are building a new CBL community through the New Media Consortium. There will also be a new ADE driven section in iTunes U... all mentioned at the Institute. The ADE Creative project that my team is working on (as well as 14 other US teams) are getting ready to pitch our project ideas to ADEs globally on the ADE site soon Our Student Creative project ideas fit perfectly into the Arts & Creativity side of things. The projects will be pitched through the ADE site and then live in the ADE side of iTunes U with links and various media.
  11. Can we set up a gallery so people can order prints in addition to a book?
    • Maybe Davis would sponsor the book and we could sell prints for Jaranda
    • ?i Love that idea!!!
  12. (my wife's suggestion) How can we find some kind 'sponsor' so students can visit somewhere cool (China?) to photograph as a part of this challenge?
    • Donors
    • ?Well where can MY students visit that's cool??? ;) ....hollywood? :)
      • Actually, it might be easier for you guys to come here to LA.
      • Only if I can meet David Lynch.
  13. Web Resources?