Reveal the Magic Where You Live!

Paint the World with Light


Big Idea


Essential Question

How can you reveal the magic of where you live?

The Challenge

Paint your community with light

Guiding Questions

  1. What significant locations are available in your community?
  2. What is your community famous for?
  3. What is your community infamous for?
  4. What are the myths or urban legends of your community?
  5. How can community members be involved in your project?
  6. Who will be on your 'Painting' team?
  7. What lighting resources can you use to create light paintings?
  8. What is the difference between light painting and light drawing?
  9. What professional examples do you find inspiring?
  10. What camera settings are needed to accomplish your task?
  11. What DIY techniques can you develop to build new tools?
  12. How is light similar to paint (or pigment)?

Guiding Activities and Resources

  1. View the Paint the World with Light website
  2. Create a team of painters to work with in your community
  3. View web resources and professional examples
  4. Collect and post your own web resources for your team or school using Web 2.0 tools
  5. Practice painting with light before heading to your selected community location(s)
    • Understand how to set and operate the camera using Bulb
    • Understand the effects of various light sources
  6. As a group, determine your community-based project
    • What will be 'painted' to emphasize the community location?
    • Where is a significant place in your community to create the work?
    • How will you orchestrate your ideas?
    • Why are your ideas important to the rest of the world?
    • When? At night!


Make sure to join us in the LIGHT PAINTERS GROUP on the Art Ed 2.0 Ning!


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