Resources that support creativity

(please add your own resources that support creativity)

Learning Theories

  1. Visual Bloom's Taxony with a 21st Century Skills Frame
  2. Bloom's Revised Taxonomy
  3. The 5 Stages of the Creative Process, The Mac Lab

Social Networks

  1. Art Ed 2.0 Ning
  2. The Student Creative on Vimeo
  3. Behance Network
  4. Deviant Art
  5. Full Sail Network on Vimeo
  6. Veer Ideas groups
  7. AIGA

Twitter Groups/Searches

  1. Art Ed 2.0 | #arted20

Social Bookmarking

  1. Creativity, Delicious / Matt Cauthron
  2. Creativity, Delicious / Craig Roland

TED Videos

  1. Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity
  2. Amy Tan: Where Does Creativity Hide?
  3. Tim Brown on Creativity and Play

You Tube Videos

  1. What Can Creativity Do?
  2. A Child's Creativity


  1. The Mac Lab
  2. The Carrot Revolution
  3. Design Blogs
  4. Photography Blogs
  5. The Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet
  6. Daniel H. Pink
  7. The Teaching Palette resources
  8. The DATA Blog


  1. The Art of Collaboration, Digital Arts and New Media, UC Santa Cruz
  2. iCann, from Marco Torres and friends
  3. The Center for Arts Education
  4. Sir Ken Robinson
  5. Oklahoma Creativity Project
  6. Arts Education Partnership


  1. Study: Apple Logo Stimulates the Brain, NPR

Articles / Blog Posts

  1. Post: TED and Reddit asked Ken Robinson anything-- and he answered, TED Blog
  2. Study: Creativity is important but neglected, eSchool News
  3. Post: How to Prevent Another Leonardo da Vinci, Wandering Ink
  4. Post: 12 Ways to Add Randomness and Creativity to Your Photography, DPS
  5. How schools stifle creativity, CNN Opinion

File Sharing

  1. Mobile Me
  3. Dropbox

Cool Tools

  1. Blurb
  2. Issuu
  3. Quicktime Pro / Quicktime X
  4. Animoto
  5. Stupeflix
  6. Real Player
  7. Vimeo
  8. Picasa

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