What is your personal definition of creativity?

Big Idea


Essential Question

What is your personal definition of creativity?

The Challenge

Create a short video piece that conveys your definition
of creativity and do a class remix
  1. Digitally record your audio response
  2. Shoot, draw, or create a visual representation for your response
  3. Assemble your audio and visual pieces as a short 30 second video
  4. Collect all videos from your class(es)
  5. Select your favorite videos to 'remix' into one well edited piece
  6. Submit the best remix(es) which represents a solid definition of creativity

Guiding Questions

  1. What form does creativity take in your immediate environment (class or school)?
  2. What does creativity look like in your community?
  3. What projects have you done in school that support the development of creativity?
  4. What type of thinking is necessary to perform creative projects?
  5. What changes should be made in schools to support creative thinking and creative projects?
  6. How do you use creativity across the school curriculum?
  7. Please add yours here!

Guiding Activities and Resources

  1. View and reflect on Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity
  2. View the The Student Creative examples on Vimeo
  3. Brainstorm ways that creativity is being used in your classroom or school
  4. Please add yours here!


  1. Publish your classes best remixed video responses to the The Student Creative on Vimeo

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