The Digital Arts Cookbook

Building recipes for success using digital art and creativity

Big Idea


Essential Question

What is your digital recipe for success?

The Challenge

  1. Contribute to the creation of the Digital Arts Cookbook on Issuu(Issue 1 coming soon)

Guiding Questions

  1. What projects engage your students?
  2. What projects yield the most stimulating student work?
  3. What technology or equipment is needed to make it happen?
  4. What image(s) communicate the various instructions?
  5. What online resources are connected to the project?
  6. How could it benefit other teachers?

Guiding Activities and Resources

  1. Dig deep into your curriculum
  2. Collect examples of professional work that demonstrate relevance
  3. Collect student examples that showcase the achievement of your project
  4. Write up your lesson in 'Cookbook' format and post to the Cookbook page
    • Introduction
    • Needed Ingredients
    • Steps for Success
    • Online Resources
    • Supporting Images
  5. Don't forget to include something about yourself in Who Are You?
  6. check out the potential of Issuu


Add your favorite projects or collaborations to the Cookbook page for selection into the Digital Arts Cookbook on Issuu
  • Be prepared to supply full resolution images and description of work for publication!

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